49 years ago, whatever planet earth power or godlike force that prevails placed me here in England. I was born as the child of caring and responsible parents. As a consequence, I had half a chance of a decent life. However, I could just as easily have been born into a third world country, with no fresh water, no food and no life prospects.
Despite the fact research shows there is enough food in the world to feed everyone, our planet will never figure out how to distribute it. If I lived in a third world country, therefore, I would want to get my kids to food, water, safety and the chance of life. And I’d die trying.

Sadly, there is sometimes a very harsh attitude towards the good hearted people who want to reach our shores. I harbour the same fears as everyone about terrorism. However, some of today’s best and most skilled Doctors were once immigrants. In fact, I owe my eyesight to one such wonderful Doctor.

There is a much bigger picture at play than many of us pause to realise. But by the grace of god I say!


David Lilley