Monitoring and observing the habits and behaviours of well-known and wealthy people – people who achieve significant life goals and who enjoy success is an obvious and worthwhile pastime for those ambitious people who wish to replicate their success.

There’s always been an argument that, if you copy or closely replicate the habits that other people of achievement demonstrate, you can access and enjoy the same results and benefits.

In actual fact, I am living proof of this possibility. My business achievements and lifestyle have all been secured by simply copying a proven business system and replicating proven team leadership behaviours.

If you have deep ambitions to achieve specific life goals and objectives, you should begin to think of your life and use a comparison to that of a garden that you plant for food.

Some of the attitudes and different character traits that I go on to share in this Blog are commonly observed in successful people.

Their successes and achievements don’t happen by chance or through good fortune. They are because of the recurring habits that these icons of achievement repeat day after day and time after time.

Here are some of the behaviours that highly successful practice and cultivate. They carry out these behaviours just as you might use discipline to nurture the food plants in your garden. If you want the vegetables to grow and be ready to eat, you need to water them and care for them on an almost daily basis.

As you read this Blog, ask yourself how many of these qualities do you already have or see yourself mustering?

1. Inner drive & determination

Are you a determined person? Do you work smarter and harder than most other that you know in order to make sure things get done?

Are you a completer finisher and do you have a tendency to step in and become a leader when you feel a project is falling behind?

Do you give up easily?

2. A measure of self-sufficiency

Are you naturally the sort of person who can shoulder responsibilities and be accountable for measurable actions?

Are you the sort of person who can make challenging decisions and be prepared to stand firm by those decisions?

Successful people have all had to take on some action and activities that are exclusive to them.

3. Resilience

Are you the sort of person who can take the action to see a project through from start to finish?

It is often said that procrastination is the enemy of time. Do you tend to delay and continually put things off?

Behind all of the world’s greatest achievers is a story of planning, focus, determination, of battling adversity and finding solutions to challenges.

Do you feel you have the capabilities to replicate the philosophies of the great leaders – even though your objectives may be much more modest?

Do you stay focused on your goals and are you consistent in your efforts towards your goals?

4. Patience & tolerance

Patience and tolerance are two of life’s greatest qualities.

Are you willing to be patient, and do you understand that in many projects and businesses everything there can be setbacks and frustrations?

Can you separate business from personal matters and do you have the resilience not to take everything personally?

Life and business will generate challenges where some people won’t warm or like you. You need the resilience to deal with this. You need to develop some immunity to rejection.

5. Personal Integrity

Can you lay your head on your pillow at night and honestly say that you have not committed a negative deed towards another person?

Demonstrating honesty and integrity is the best habit to nurture in everything that you do.

Pursuing the objective of becoming known as a person of sincerity, substance and honour is an admirable objective and, if you can accomplish this, you will reap the benefits.

People will naturally warm to you and want to be around you because you demonstrate the best in human qualities.

6. A sense of fun

Most successful people have it within themselves to laugh, to smile and to operate with a sense of humour and fun.

Throughout history, many of the worlds greatest leaders all possessed a sense of fun.

7. Human interaction

Great leaders can relate to others. They have the flexibility of personality to ensure they are comfortable in the presence of diverse groups of people with contrasting personalities.

8. Optimism

There is an old saying about “people’s cups being half full or half empty”

In others words, some people have become conditioned to being more negative in response to life situations (half empty) and others are conditioned to be more optimistic and positive…. more likely to have the appetite to overcome a challenge. These people’s cups are half full.

Optimism forms part of the strategy for making a better future – if you don’t believe the future can be better, you’re unlikely to take the challenge and take on the responsibility for making it so.

9. Self-confidence and belief

Do you trust and believe in yourself?

A lack of belief in yourself will cause paralysis and a lack of persistent action. When you develop a robust trust in yourself, you have one of the vital success character traits.

As you reflect on these facts, try to remember the analogy of the vegetable garden.

  • You must prepare and fertilise the soil.
  • You must plant the seeds.
  • You must water the seeds.
  • You must protect the growing plants from the elements and the creatures who will try and sabotage them.

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