If you are required to perform court-ordered hours of community service, you must tell us this requirement before the service begins. You must provide a written confirmation clearly explaining the hours of work and hours of service to be performed by the municipality before starting the volunteering. By signing this agreement, you are officially stating that you have reported all the charges and convictions listed in this agreement as relevant, even though your current volunteering activity is not required by the courts. If you do not decide the relevant charges and convictions under this agreement, this may lead to notification to the judge who is guiding your case. We encourage – and are committed to seriously considering all reasonable proposals – how the organization can better serve its volunteers, staff and the public. The organization also prohibits volunteers from using the organization`s goods, operations, supplies, stationery, equipment or offices to promote political or commercial activities that have not been expressly authorized. Substance use: The organization prohibits the use of illegal drugs and alcohol or awareness-raising drugs and prohibits volunteers from carrying out work under the influence of these drugs or alcohol. We welcome people from all backgrounds. We hope that every volunteer will have valuable, fulfilling and motivating experience. Volunteers under the age of 18 require the signed permission of a parent or legal guardian. We do not accept volunteers under the age of 14. Confidential or proprietary information is any sensitive, personal, valuable or secret information that can be learned or developed by you during your volunteer relationship and that relates to the activities of the organization, which have been created, discovered or developed by the Organization or that is used by us in the management of our company. If your organization is set up to benefit your community, you should hire volunteers to help you in your excellent work.

But even if you encourage someone to work for free, it`s still important to have the legal vouchers. We reserve the right to perform a background examination at any time as a precondition for your start or continuation of your volunteering activity. We will notify you before they do a thorough examination. Their agreement includes such elements as intellectual property rights, confidentiality, limitation of liability, a specification that their work is unpaid, and a description of what their role entails. It can be reused from one volunteer to another, and you can insert relevant clauses each time to reflect the circumstances of each volunteer. Intellectual Property: The rights of the Organization, unless otherwise stated by the President or Chairman of the Board of Directors, all documents you have written, designed or created for the Organization are the intellectual property of the Organization. You can display your article in your wallet. A volunteer agreement is an important document to ensure that your volunteers know what is expected of them, that they accept confidentiality rules and limit the responsibility of your business. If this applies to you, you must inform the president or the legal officer of the organization in advance. We will try to help you find volunteering elsewhere. These conversations are confidential.

You agree that any confidential or proprietary information you create in connection with the services provided to the Organization is the exclusive property of the Organization. You agree to provide the Organization with all rights to this information on a permanent basis. In the event that a voluntary relationship with the organization is terminated for any reason, you will immediately provide the organization with all copies of any confidential or proprietary information in your possession or control, in any form (for example. B, handwritten, magnetic, audio, video, etc.).