The Team

David Lilley

David came up with the original idea for Astute Life and was delighted when Rebecca, Claire & Elaine chose to enter into partnership to bring the dream to life. David is proud to reflect on his humble life beginnings, where he spent 20 years living in a Council House and where he refers to the challenging times...More

Rebecca Flannery

Rebecca is an evidence based Nutritionist from Lincoln.  She cuts through the confusion and myriad of mixed messaged about food by studying the most up to date, scientific research.  Although this underpins her practice, it doesn’t dictate it.  Rebecca understands that a personalised approach...More

Elaine Godley

During Elaine’s portfolio career spanning over 40 years, she has founded and developed several successful businesses and worked as a consultant across a variety of sectors including retail, manufacturing, construction, music and film, charity, public sector and professional services... More

Claire Cahill

Claire is an award winning Executive Coach and Author from Chesterfield. Specialising in developing confidence and increasing employee engagement, Claire delivers Leadership & Executive coaching through workshops, training, group and 1:1 sessions that positively impact.... More