Eliminate diabetes

Reversing diabetes II is not difficult.

Nearly every day we read reports in magazines, newspapers, on TV adverts and the radio, about the worldwide epidemic known as Diabetes. But what can YOU do to ensure you don’t get it?

I remember in the 1970’s my Mum was shocked and upset to be told that her brother-in-law had been diagnosed with ‘Sugar Diabetes’  This awful disease was barely heard of in those days, and no-one really knew what to do about it.

Well, the clue is in the name ‘ SUGAR Diabetes’.

Modern foods contain so much sugar that the UK government are now considering the introduction of a ‘sugar tax’ to force food companies to reduce the level of sugar in their products. That’s as maybe, but what are the food companies going to replace ‘sugar’ with?  You guessed it….sweeteners which are actually chemicals!

Here are my 3 top tips to look after yourself and minimise your own risk of getting ‘sugar diabetes’

EAT FRESH CLEAN FOODS by this I mean eat as natural a diet as possible, reducing reliance upon anything that’s processed .  There are so many wonderful meal combinations that you can make using fresh, organic, green leafy vegetables, fruit, simple grains like buckwheat, quinoa, cous cous, wild rice, eggs, line caught fresh salmon, and organic white meat in moderation. Chris Woollams has written a great book called ‘The Rainbow Diet’. I highly recommend it to you .  READ THE LABELS   If you must buy anything in a packet, please, please read the label. Anything that suggests it is low in calories, sugar or gluten free, could be hiding a multitude of toxicity by being packed with fillers and chemicals.

AVOID DAIRY which includes cow’s milk, yoghurt, cheese….in fact anything that comes from a cow. Even the meat (unless it’s organic and from a trusted source).  Beef is hard for your gut to digest, and the milk is acidic to our body, causing mucous build-up and breathing difficulties for some people.  Whilst products for sheep and goats are kinder to you, seek organic sources and consume in moderation, and eat those made from raw milk which is unpasteurised.  In this way you are less likely to pick up bacteria that may be lurking around from the pasteurisation process.  Your gut will thank you.

ENJOY MILD EXERCISE The jury is out on how much exercise we should undertake and when.  One commentator will tell you to workout several times a week.  Another will tell you that only 20 minutes is enough, and some research has highlighted that all we need is a few minutes a day.  Who knows what is right?  Well, YOU DO!  You know your own body, what it likes and what it doesn’t.  Different personality types will enjoy different levels of activity and of course, this will be different for all ages. You know intuitively what makes your body operate at optimum level so listen to what it wants.

Follow these 3 simple strategies for 4 weeks and see how much weight you lose, and how much better you will feel.  Measure your current situation – weight, body measurements etc and assess your energy level out of 10 before you start.

Have someone take a full length picture of you and then again after 4 weeks. I guarantee you will be amazed at your progress and imagine how good you will feel?!

If you can’t be bothered to try any of these suggestions, then you could always buy yourself a Powertube – clinically proven to reverse diabetes II

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Better still, engage a Nutritionist to guide you with your personal formula for success