Red Hat offers services for each main version of OpenShift Container Platform or OpenShift Kubernetes Engine (“OpenShift”) with defined support rules. Support policies are defined by a basic fee and additional additional authorisations. We have developed the traditional software subscription model that combines the best elements of our services to exceed our customers` expectations. The Association of Support Professionals has been one of Red Hat`s top ten support sites for 9 years. If you purchased a service from a reseller, you will receive a service credit directly from your dealer and the reseller will receive a service credit directly from us. The service credit is based on the estimated selling price of the service concerned, which we have set at our discretion. Service credits apply only to fees paid for the service, service or service rate for which a level of service has not been met. In cases where service levels apply to individual service resources or separate service levels, service credits apply only to fees paid for the service resource or level. The service credits granted in one month of billing for a given service or service resource do not exceed your monthly service charge for that service or service resource, if any, during the billing month. If we do not reach and manage service levels for each service as described in this ALS, you may be eligible for credit on a portion of your monthly service charge. We will not change the terms of your ALS for the initial duration of your subscription; However, if you extend your subscription, the current version of this ALS on the renewal date applies throughout the extension period. We will provide at least 90 days in advance for significant changes to this ALS. Services purchased through open, open value and open value subscription licensing agreements, and services in an Office 365 Small Business Premium suite, purchased as a product key, are not eligible for service credits based on service charges.

For these services, any service credit to which you are eligible is credited in the form of periods of service (i.e. days) as opposed to service charges, and all references to “applicable monthly service charges” are removed and replaced with “applicable monthly period.” In addition, we have specific support options that can be tailored to the individual needs of businesses of all sizes and sectors. Red Hat Enhanced Solution Support reduces downtime and builds trust with access to high-level technical engineers and solutions and restoration agreements so you can continue to work with innovation, scale and availability. This service level agreement for Microsoft Online Services (this “SLA”) is part of your Microsoft volume license agreement (the “agreement”). The basic terms that are used in this ALS but are not defined have the meaning assigned to you in the agreement. This ALS applies to microsoft online services (a “service” or “services” listed below), but does not apply to separate services that are related to or related to services, or to local software that is part of a service. 1 Basic support is no longer available. If you still have a basic contract, your terms of use stay until the expiry date 2 business days for web support.

Not yet sure which option is right for you? Find out more about our support levels or contact us for help choosing the right fit. The “assist window” refers to the period during which a service function or compatibility with a separate product or service is supported. (Maximum Available Minutes – Downtime) / Maximum Available Minutes X 100 In practice, this means that Red Hat helps a customer answer personalized support questions for add-ons on the OpenShift platform.