· Entering quadruple data from the incident and Mr. Doe`s personal data Precious officer time used while driving to signal writing locations away from assigned patrol areas. Imprecise information from RMS from data entry agents who guess what an officer wrote by hand. No electronic access to narrative information because it has not entered RMS. The digital text is printed and processed on paper, as if it were handwritten A. THAT Council approve the participation of the Vancouver Police Department, along with other police services, in the development of the first bc police management system under the moderation of e-comm with allocated costs, as stated in this report. Information technology is the most obvious and achievable investment we can make to increase the productivity of a police officer. Empirical observations of the new RMS and the workflow and technology of mobile computing in other police departments have shown that police productivity is increasing. Multi-Jurisdictional Crime Reporting and Information Sharing BCACP and the E-Comm Board have approved further discussions with MDA/Versaterm to determine costs for participating agencies, which include management, support and equipment. Current estimates are approximately $514 per officer per year, roughly the same as the cost of access to the PIRS RCMP system when it was first launched 17 years ago. Participation in the development of PRIME-BC has many potential benefits for the police. With respect to E-Comm, it was intended that police information would be linked to a dispatch assistance computer (CAO) and, in May 1998, the e-comm board approved a procedure in which police partners should evaluate RMS options.

E-Comm Directors representing the police services, Deputy Chief Paul Battershill and RCMP Superintendent Peter Martin saw an opportunity not only for dispatch partners, but also for all police authorities in BC to exchange information. They received support from the BC Association of Chiefs of Police (BCACP) which led to the Police Records Information Management Environment (PRIME-BC) project. The project focuses on fighting crime with PRIME. A team of thirteen members of the e-comm, RCMP and Municipal Police engaged in a supplier selection process and recommended that the BCACP and the E-Comm Board identify as their preferred bid a joint bid from MacDonald Detweiller of Richmond and Versaterm Systems, based in Ottawa. The Versaterm product has been implemented at sites such as London Ontario, Ottawa-Carleton, Salt Lake City and Tampa Florida (under development). · Largely paperless event management systems that almost eliminate storage and copying. There is a single data entry that is integrated close to the source with CAD in mobile workstations. The information is much more accurate. Automatic routing (workflow management) and immediate access to reports More time for police officers in the community, as reports can be submitted electronically. Improve human resource management practices resulting from improved quality and quantity of work audit capacity. Improved crime investigation and analysis functions, as data queries and search engines are used to access the huge amounts of information we collect All BC policies need to exchange information.

The current RMS VPD is not connected to other police services. As a result, other police services (RCMP and municipalities) outside the city cannot access the considerable amount of information collected by our police department and the VPD cannot access the registration systems of adjacent authorities. A recent example was given with our Home Invasion Task Force, which was only noticed by a radio report on a similar pattern of domestic invasion in Coquitlam with an older victim. Our detectives called Coquitlam to compare the investigative notes.