It seems that this is the doc mentioned in the comments section, and I do not see anything to support the translation of “rightfully” as “rightly”: it is in fact a (wrong) translation of “right” or the equivalent in another European linguistic/legal system. legitimate is a translation error, as Eva took a long time to explain in detail – right in this sentence and the context automatically means /automatic, and not lawful /rightly. This glossary note is therefore incorrect. United States: “Whenever one of the parties to a lease properly chooses termination” means that the party has a right of termination under existing legislation. This is not what “right” means — the right to termination is granted in the contract itself. A contract does not deal with a right it grants as “lawful.” (PRESS RELEASE) The Philipp Plein Group and the De Rigo Group – the world leader in the eyewear industry – denounce a licensing agreement for the creation, production and distribution of sunglasses and recipe frames worldwide. Partnership with AS ROMA: The contract provides for the creation of official uniforms of the player before This lease is legally terminated. “The Seller Can Rightly Cancel the Contract” In September, the group signed a partnership with eyewear distributor De Rigo for a global launch of sunglasses and prescription glasses to be published in Q2 2021. The agreement provides that Philipp Plein`s eyewear collections will be distributed worldwide through the De Rigo distribution network and in the brand`s stores. If the tenant does not comply with one of his contractual obligations under this framework, this tenancy agreement is properly terminated.

In 2012, Plein signed a contract with the football club AS Roma to dress the team`s players from the 2012/13 season for four consecutive seasons. [21] In the event of a breach by the Taker in any of the contractual obligations, this lease will be terminated as of right. This termination has been carried out after a period of 48 hours after a simple summons by letter recommended or letter handed over in its own hands, which has not been But again, Jane, they quote a document that uses the word “good” to mean something that is not “rightfully.” “We are delighted with this agreement with Philipp Plein and look forward to this new adventure. Putting our technical and research know-how at the disposal of a partner of this scale is a truly exciting challenge. We have no doubt that our expertise will blend perfectly with Philipp Plein`s stylistic innovation and creativity,” said Michele Aracri, CEO of De Rigo Vision.