Detailed information on Bearers office positions can be found in the club management manual. This form is only for purposes and is not a legal document. Buyers should ensure that the seller is the current legal owner and obtain independent legal advice before entering into an agreement. Please note that if you need an application to exempt a membership form for photos/video/film, you will go to the “Politics” tab, the “Political Documents” tab, and the photography policy. EOI – PCANSW MPIO or Complaint Reference List Members are responsible for arreasing the correct signatures on this form and must contact the club they wish to transfer before initiating a transfer. Clubs and areas should keep copies for their recordings before they send copies to the Landesamt. Below, you can download all the documents related to Pony Club This is to use a new model of member information for clubs and areas. This document is in PDF format in case there are problems when opening the word document. This is an information document for new members for clubs and areas to use.

It was downloaded as a Word document to allow clubs to edit it themselves. Do not send this form to the Landesamt. This proxy form should be used at club/zone meetings.