This agreement and the terms of a license data set made available to the end user (if any) constitute the complete agreement between the parties regarding this license and replace all prior agreements and assurances between them. This LETTER can only be amended in writing by both parties. In the event that a provision of the ECJ is found to be illegal or unenforceable, this provision will be limited or removed to the fullest extent possible in order to make it legally and enforceable and, if not, that agreement will remain fully in force, effective and applicable. The absence of action by MPI Tech with respect to the violation by the end user or by others of these C.A., does not constitute a waiver and does not limit MPI Tech`s rights with respect to this violation or subsequent infringements. This CLU is personally intended for the end user and cannot be assigned or transferred for any reason without the prior written consent of MPI Tech, and any action or behavior contrary to the above is null and void. MPI Tech expressly reserves the right to cede this agreement and delegate its obligations under this agreement. Under copyright, the end user is not allowed to install or execute the software product (hereafter referred to as the software) or to use the electronic equipment (hereafter documentation) made available to the end user without the owner`s consent. In light of the acceptance of the terms of this Agreement, the owner grants the end user a non-exclusive right (hereafter the license) to install and execute the Software and to use the documentation provided by this Agreement. All references to the software mean the object code of the program or programs included in the software. The End User has no right to distribute, copy, reverse, modify or adapt the Software unless these rights are clearly and explicitly granted. IMPORTANT: READ BEFORE INSTALLATION SOFTWARE: This end-user license agreement (“EULA”) is a legal and binding agreement between the end user (an individual or a single unit) and the MPI Tech Group, However, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents and OEM licensees (together “MPI Tech”) for software that the end user downloads (or installs, access or use) and associated proprietary media, printed documents, associated documentation (including electronic documentation) made available to the end user of MPI Tech (together “software”) are designated or stigmatized. All software updates, add-on components, web services, extensions or add-ons that MPI Tech, its licensees or agents may make available to the end user or, through access to key permissions or by any other means after the date the end user receives the first copy of the software, are considered “software” under this ECJ, counting and after the date on which the end user is authorized, unless these elements are accompanied by a separate licensing agreement.

By installing, copying, downloading, accessing or any other use of the software, the end user shows his consent and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this SERVICE. If the end user does not accept the terms of this CLA, install, do not access the software, do not enter it or do not use it, but immediately leave the download/ return the unreserved software instead of the initial purchase. Each party recognizes and accepts that the guarantee exclusions and liability and remedy restrictions in this agreement are negotiated in a manner essential to the basis of this agreement and that they have been taken into account and are reflected in the determination of the recital to be taken into consideration by each party in the context of that agreement and in the decision of each party to conclude that agreement.