Read the chart of when you must sign the security agreement: Remember that your maid should also have a say in the contract, which should only be concluded and signed after a mutual agreement. Insert as much relevant information as possible and make sure your maid understands the conditions before signing. Other things you should include in the contract are work schedules (many domestic workers end up working excessive hours because they live in their workplace), life arrangements and leave. As there is no standard contract in Singapore, you can develop one yourself. They can use standard contracts such as those established by the Singapore Agencies Association (AEAS) and CaseTrust. These can be adapted to your situation. However, employers should keep in mind that the contract is subject to work permit conditions. For example, you can`t include tasks that aren`t allowed in your assistant`s working conditions, for example. B the care of other households. You can also ask your employment agency to write the contract for you.

HelperChoice works with ethical employment agencies, so employers are not charged inappropriate fees. Email us to for an offer! See also: The Maid Employment Law MOM acknowledges that some employers may find themselves in financial difficulty, even with poor business prospects. As a result, you may not be able to meet the above recommendations and will instead need to use extended JSS payments to cover certain fixed overheads to keep their businesses running. Nevertheless, employers should not act unilaterally and place their local workers on longer non-paying leave without a base salary. Employers should discuss with their unions and workers and agree on how to use JSS payments to ensure their survival and provide some wage support to their employees. In the absence of mutual agreement, any party may terminate the employment by contract in accordance with the employment contract or the labour law.