In the late 1890s, the Western League, led by Ban Johnson, decided to question the position of the Netherlands. In 1900, he changed the name of the American League (AL) and committed to sign contracts with players dissatisfied with the payment and terms of their contracts with the NL. The result was a turf war that got so heated in 1901 that Patrick T. Powers, president of the Eastern League, and many other small league owners were concerned about the conflict that could affect their organizations. On September 5, 1901, representatives of the various minor leagues met at the Leland Hotel in Chicago. [3] In response to the Battle of NL-AL, they agreed to create the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues, short for NAPBL, or NA abbreviated. (The NA now uses the commercial name of the minor league baseball.) The purpose of the NAPBL was then to preserve the independence of the leagues concerned. Several of them did not sign the agreement and continued their autonomy. Powers became the first president of NAPBL, whose offices were located in Auburn, New York. Major League Baseball`s minor league operating contract expires Wednesday night at midnight, but the once bitterly divided games are still trying to forge a new contract. At the same time, a group of minor league owners met in Chicago after the 1901 season to form what has since become known as “The National Association” or as it is now known as Minor League Baseball (MiLB). Over the past 120 years, although the number of major league teams has increased from 16 to 30, the lower leagues have developed players who have managed to get into the big leagues.

There were a number of formal agreements (PBA) between MLB and MiLB, which was the exclusive representative of approximately 160 minor league teams in U.S. cities. Today`s National Association was not the first merger of minor league teams; The previous one was dissolved by Major League Baseball when the American League directly questioned the supremacy in the National League. But it was created in the wake of the American League, which declared itself major league. After the National League officially terminated the agreement between the majors and the miners, representatives of seven minor leagues met on September 5, 1901 at the Leland Hotel in Chicago to create the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues and kick off the game during the 1902 season. After facing unhappy challengers, and for the exhausting feuds that weren`t enforceable now — like the insistence of top leagues like the American Association to get more votes to prevent a coalition of teams in a small market from dictating unwanted changes – the National Association has become the center of the minor leagues. There are also concerns about the length of franchise agreements. MLB`s proposal would have a duration of up to 10 years for many teams, but for other clubs, the conditions would be shorter if the duration were automatically extended to extend the duration if certain upgrade requirements were met.