GreenSky, LLC (“GS”) is a third-party provider and program administrator for federal, federal and chartered banks that offer consumer credit under the GreenSky® programs. GreenSky® helps businesses grow by giving them the opportunity to offer credit to their customers. GS works with banking partners to provide program loans to greenSky® customers in our networks of resellers, suppliers and resellers nationwide. GreenSky® programs serve customers, from the world`s largest and most demanding businesses to small and medium-sized businesses and consumers across the country. The application of the GreenSky distributor (“GreenSky”) is presented by or with the appropriate authorization, on behalf of the distributor or the company (“applicant”) to authorize participation as a distributor in the GreenSky consumer credit program®. To become a trader, complete our unilateral application and submit it. Each month, we give participating merchants and suppliers an invoice for each transaction that took place the previous month. You must apply to become a greenSky® program salesman. After registration, you will receive a dealer number.

When they apply, they use your dealer number. A distributor is a company that provides financing to GreenSky® directly to its customers. A sponsor is a company, for example. B a manufacturer or trade association, which refers its subsidiaries to greensky® programs. After approval, your client receives an account number as part of his set of credit contracts. Once your customer has received and verified their credit contract and agrees to use the GreenSky ® loan, the customer will provide the account number that will be used as a standard credit card with your payment agent. Our credit programs are available to furniture dealers, furniture distributors and drug suppliers in the United States. We offer installment loans and revolving credit products. Consumers can submit applications electronically. Paper requests (including fax and e-mail) are not accepted. Applications can be submitted online, via our mobile app or electronically with the help of a GreenSky customer service employee® Program.

Interest rates vary depending on the credit plan. We only have 0%. Specific terms and conditions subject to credit authorization.