From time to time, the investigation results in a consensual resolution of the dispute. For example, a tenant may apply if no deposit has been repaid and no declaration of deposit has been provided to the tenant. A brief review of the case could reveal that the landlord was unaware of the former tenant`s new address or liability for an explanation. The submission of the declaration may lead to an agreement between the parties and the withdrawal of the application. Sometimes the parties agree to a negotiated solution to the problem without resorting to a formal hearing or the adoption of a decision. If the parties attempt to resolve the matter through mediation, the owner will assist them in resolving the issue and preparing a mediation agreement. Here are some of the key benefits of resolving a commercial lease dispute through legal mediation: Davis said there are two sections of your lease that you should pay close attention to. The first is the hospitality directive, which refers to the point where a customer must be included in the rental contract as a tenant. This, he said, is especially important for individual tenants who meet or have another important one who spends a lot of time in the property. “A thorough lease will limit the number of nights the client can spend in a given month without being included in the lease as a responsible full tenant,” Davis said. In principle, a mediator is able to assist both parties in reaching an agreement that is not taken into account by the contract or lease, but their general relationship. Always be careful what you sign.

Every case and every lease is different. In some cases, your lease may prevail over what is stipulated in the CTA. As a tenant, you may be at a disadvantage if you are unsure of the lease and are not aware of your obligations. The CTA defines obligations and responsibilities to ensure that each lease provides an inclusive and comfortable rent for both parties. The CTA covers what the landlord must do for the tenants and their property.