I needed to clear my mind. The universe sent me some wonderful opportunities, and all of them I manifested myself from my intentions, however, they all appeared at the same time.

As a result I was falling into overwhelm. I know this because my body forced me to slow down. I developed a cold. Anybody who knows me, also knows that I am never ill and I live life to the full.  So, on the rare occasions when I am inconvenienced, I know it’s for a reason, and the cause is always ‘overwhelm’ (some may call it stress).

How do I know my ‘cold ‘ wasn’t really a cold? Because I know my own body….and I listen to it.  My ‘cold’ cleared very quickly. From sniffles on Monday evening to a hacking cough through the night on Tuesday to attending a wonderful celebration evening at The English Institute of Sport in Sheffield with over 400 attendees, and not one sign of a cough or sniffle.

So what did I do to clear my mind and re-energise on the Friday morning?  Firstly, I apologised for not attending an early morning networking event I had booked into. I didn’t get to bed until past 1am and had to arise by 6am to attend so I put my sensible head on. To live an Astute Life, we need to make compromises that serve us.

At 7.30am I went into the garden…in my PJs, did lots of weeding, made a higgly piggly patio and a log store . I was working physically, almost non stop for 12 hours, and just finished as the light was going . Lots of to-ing and fro-ing moving wood and bricks one by one. Lots of bending and walking and drinking plenty of water throughout the day.


A wonderful day with many achievements.  Oh and by the way….not an ache or pain because I used my Powertube, had a relaxing magnesium and lavender bath and used my sound and light machine.  I know what my body responds to…because I listen, and then take appropriate action.

It’s amazing what we can achieve in our pyjamas!