I lost 4 stone which happened because I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer via a routine mammogram in March 2009.

Following further investigation, biopsies and a lumpectomy, the surgeon found that my condition was so far reaching that the only solution open to me at the time (so I thought – I now know differently) was radical surgery.  In July 2009 a right mastectomy was performed via a radical TRAMFLAP procedure.  This is where tissue, muscle and skin from the abdomen are removed and used to reconstruct a new breast. Further surgery to align my shape to match my left breast was undertaken and 9 years on, my shape is still intact.

I published a book in 2013 to help other women going through the same procedure.  It has received 5-star reviews on Amazon https://goo.gl/BEcMtT

The shock of my diagnosis and major surgery was a blessing in disguise.  I had to get my BMI (body mass index) down to 30 to give myself a better chance of surviving the 8-hour procedure.   I gained a super flat tummy and lost four stone in weight.  I was bursting out of a size 16 and have maintained a standard size 12 ever since, and feel fabulous.

My natural optimistic nature and zest for life resulted in me being invited to be a guest speaker at several events – the most exciting for me was speaking about my personal experience of using the Healthy Eating Guidelines at The Penny Brohn Cancer Centre in Bristol.  I spoke for ten minutes on the same stage as two world renowned cancer experts and authors Professor Dean Ornish from California and Professor Robert Thomas of Cranfield and Cambridge Universities.

I have since appeared on national TV and have often been interviewed on BBC and other radio programmes.   I now host my own health radio show on www.elasticfm.com 

How I lost the weight is explained in the short clip https://bit.ly/2Oa2Tg6

Unfortunately, I had a recurrence with a grade 3 tumour within the site of my mastectomy in 2011, leading to more surgery.  And in 2015, I was given 1-year to live with stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Since my original surgery in 2009, I have learned so so much about how to help myself and frequently share my learning with others through talks ,1-2-1 support , my website https://www.perfect-health.co.uk/Programmes and my blog https://elainegodleychemoblog.wordpress.com/

If I had my time again, I may not have had any surgery and I certainly would have eaten differently sooner.

This video by Dr Michael Johnson is one of the best I have come across to guide us on how to look after our health https://youtu.be/4UY1Srmf2fg 

Be kind to yourself. Review your lifestyle.  Be Astute in your decisions.