International agreements can be repealed at any time and survival times are therefore continuous in nature. However, as noted above, survival times are measured only once a year on the basis of TIF publication. In principle, continuously grouped data allows the application of parametric and semi-parametric models. However, as explained in the appendix, the semiparametric derivative of the modelFootnote 90 cox-proportional is most appropriate for the current scenario, footnote 91, as it is a semiparametric model based on a small number of assumptions. Footnote 92 The complementary log-log model serves as a robustness test. The table shows the coefficient on the contract indicator for different model specifications. “Ex Post” compares contracts to ex-post congressional executive agreements. “Other” compares contracts with other executive agreements. 79 The case law stipulates that these agreements must only be forwarded to “the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and the Committee on International Relations of the House of Representatives, under an appropriate confidentiality order, which must not be rescinded until after the president has made a formal announcement.” 1 U.S.C.

112b (a) (1979). However, it cannot be ruled out that at least part of the difference in shelf life is driven by nuanced considerations that the model cannot grasp. For example, the attention of the Senate within a particular purpose may be selectively directed towards certain types of agreements, such as those. B, of particular importance, and that this selection is also correlated with sustainability. The categories of landlocked themes may be too crude to grasp this dynamic, and it is possible that a more detailed measurement of the object will lead to a broader and more complete understanding of the link between the content of an agreement and the choice of engagement mechanism, which could explain at least part of the observed difference. Footnote 104 An executive order (in the general sense) would be an executive order of a country to be executed within that country. These include an order from the President of the United States to offices under the executive authority of the United States (for example. B Border Patrol). For example, President Trump`s order to defer immigration or President Obama`s injunction to limit immigration enforcement. 66 Martin, supra note 15, at 448 (“Sometimes U.S. allies call for long-standing executive agreements to be turned into formal treaties explicitly stating that such changes would signal long-term U.S.

commitment.” Yoo, supra note 16, with 41 (“[T] his reading of the Constitution removes from the nation`s toolbox an instrument that … the most sustainable international agreements.” Hathaway, supra note 1, at 1316 (“[T]he bar in Congress is generally higher for Article II treaty – which might be thought to create a stronger assurance of political durability.”). Most executive agreements were concluded in accordance with a treaty or an act of Congress. However, presidents have sometimes reached executive agreements to achieve goals that would not find the support of two-thirds of the Senate.