Older Australians and their families will benefit from a new capital income tax exemption for Grandma`s apartments, which will be included in Tuesday`s federal budget. “By removing a significant obstacle against parents who enter into a formal written agreement with their child, the new tax exemption in senderstrasse reduces the likelihood that the parent will suffer financial losses if the grandmother`s home is to be terminated prematurely, for example. B when the parent has to move to a care institution for the elderly because of advanced dementia. , or because of a change in the child`s life situation.” Brian Hor of Townsends Business – Corporate Lawyers told Money. This amendment applies only to agreements made on the basis of family or other personal relationships that do not apply to commercial leases. Under current legislation, a cash amount paid by a parent for adult children to build a large-up apartment. B entails a capital gains tax for the child owner of the property. “So many things can go wrong,” Webb says of informal agreements made because of family relationships or other personal ties. The CGT risk has been a factor in promoting informal agreements between Grandma and Flat, but in the absence of a formal agreement, the rights of both parties may not be clear. The announcement makes a formal, turnkey agreement for the CGT exemption. Grandma-flat formal agreements generally have to address some of the following issues: “This exemption will encourage people to build grandmother`s apartments and bring elderly and disabled members closer to their families, without having to take into account the negative tax consequences. Formal written agreements mean that all parties can conclude the agreement with their eyes open, including any impact on succession planning.

Written agreements will also help protect older people from financial abuse by older adults while living in a multigenerational household. Enforceable agreements will also protect the elderly – who often make a significant contribution to property – in the event of a breach of the agreement. A detailed written agreement is the key to successfully targeting the federal budget tax exemption for capital income for grandmother`s housing with seniors, usually family members or persons with disabilities. “Granny apartments allow a family to care for elderly or disabled family members. However, the construction of this second apartment usually increases the total value of the family home and, with the rent earned by the parents who live in the apartment, the family must then forego that benefit if they later sell their home,” he said.