It’s a tough question. There is no doubt that Facebook has changed the world. It’s made existing friendships easier to track. It’s very easy for us to watch and enjoy our friends and family’s life from an electronic distance – their celebrations, their anniversaries, their holidays, their successes and their challenges.

However, to some people Facebook has become an obsession and an addiction. Couples have been known to argue and even split because of the infatuation with Social Media.

On the political front, the election of Donald Trump and the increased popularity of the UK’s Jeremy Corbyn could be partly apportioned to the influence of Facebook and Social Media.

Most people now find out about major news stories because they see reference to it on Social Media before they see or read about on main stream news.

Because of Social Media, some companies now  get a more intricate knowledge of what their customers think and managing this faster and more heightened scrutiny places greater pressure on some companies.

As the years unfold, the balanced impact of Facebook will become better defined. In the meantime, the jury is still out on this increasingly asked question.