1. Provide a short-term contract for those that mature in November, so that they expire at the same time as all the others four months later in March2. Assess which ones will end in November in November and give them a longer contract that expires in March two years later. A 16-month contract. This agreement is automatically extended and will remain in effect after the initial period of employment for successive periods of one year (an “extension period”) until it is terminated as planned, unless one of the parties sends the other party a written notification of non-renewal no later than 30 days before the expiry of the initial period or the anniversary of that date. , during a subsequent extension period. Using an entrepreneur model is cool, a promotion of flexibility in staff is smart and in this type of monthly culture or quarterly evaluations are a minimum and for those who will lose their job due to consistently poor performance, do not need time spent in a review just a simple “Thank you for your time goodbye” Chat. This letter relates to your employment contract which expires on (date). (Describe in your words).

In many legal systems, a series of indeterminate employment contracts could be considered to create permanent worker status that provides workers with permanent protection against dismissal, unless it is a legitimate reason or suppression of employment. The assessment of benefits cannot justify the maintenance or replacement in these jurisdictions. If there is a reason to resign, it should be seen as a separate assessment process – if there is a fault, you would not wait for the evaluation before you resign. [A contract renewal letter is written to confirm to the other party that its legal agreement will expire on any given day. Here you briefly describe the example of the contract renewal letter or presentation. The purpose of the letter is to extend the contract to a later date. You need to change this example to suit your needs.] My organization works with more than 100 employees. Everyone has an 11-month contract. Management decided to choose the month of March for the evaluation of all employees. After evaluation, we decide whether or not to renew the staff contract.