In addition to international cooperation, coordinated by specific externally funded programmes, the University of Gant will also collaborate on a bilateral basis with more than 150 higher education institutions located outside Europe. Ms. Reintje Reynebeau and Ms Elisabeth VelleNon-Erasmusagreements@UGent.beHet Pand, Onderbergen 1B-9000 Gent-32 9 264 70 70 17 / 70 24 Existing agreements with partner universities are being continuously analysed in order to optimize and streamline the use of available funds. Cooperation agreements are general agreements that promote projects and initiatives that promote the interests of UW Oshkosh in education and development and a cooperating partner institution or organization. The University of Gant considers a bilateral agreement to be a cooperation agreement between two universities, concluded with a view to launching joint initiatives or intensifying existing contacts. The main objective is to create mobility opportunities for students and staff outside Europe. Possible activities within the framework of a bilateral agreement: the Director of the OIE is responsible for gathering information on possible cooperation agreements, developing cooperation agreements and managing a file on the initial agreements. The Director of the OIE does not endorse or deny any request for a cooperation agreement. In order to conclude a new cooperation agreement or renew an existing cooperation agreement, you present to the OIE: In addition to international cooperation coordinated by specific externally funded programmes, the CEU maintains a number of relations with national and international universities and institutions, with the aim of developing joint research and education activities and promoting exchanges between professors and students. These relationships are formally recognized by the signing of cooperation agreements.

UW Oshkosh has a number of cooperation agreements to which we are committed: funds are made available to encourage continuity and activate new initiatives to facilitate the mobility of staff and students. . Current “cooperation agreements” receive limited financial support for mobile students and/or staff. The budget is distributed among the faculties, the administration being centralized. It is the faculty`s decision, in accordance with key guidelines, that activities can be supported within the framework of “cooperation agreements.” In this way, the University of Gant is trying to create maximum opportunities for the entire university community.