The term “convertible bond” is used to refer to a debt instrument by which a borrower promises a lender to repay a stock loan when a given event (for example). B an additional funding cycle) occurs. Read Jason Mendelson`s statement on the reduction in a convertible bond. Terraoil Swiss AG, Albania`s uniquely positioned onshore oil producer, uses a broad portfolio of financial instruments to ensure the company`s growth. in June 2019, Terraoil successfully completed the private placement of a convertible loan of CHF 15 million. Shortly thereafter, in December 2019, the converted credit subscriber announced that it would convert the entire balance of the subordinated loan into Terraoil Swiss shares. This early change reflects confidence in the company`s business model and draws market attention to Terraoil`s attractive shares. Terraoil`s capital ratio will also benefit greatly from credit conversion and will increase to 74% of total debt plus equity in the unaudited interim IFRS balance sheet in 2019. For financing cycles, LEXR advises on how to structure the agreement, answers all related legal questions and provides you with a best practice agenda, a shareholder contract, an investment pact and all company shares suitable for your company. Not only that, but our experts will also be on hand to negotiate with investors. More information on the subject: Swiss comparison of commercial loans Swiss comparison of stockbrokers We also support you in the planning of a convertible credit.

LEXR advises you on the structuring of the loan, answers all the legal questions related to it and proposes a converted credit contract proven good practice, adapted to your business, for a one-time flat fee. Any model documentation including clean and commented/commented versions of an agenda, an investment agreement, a shareholders` pact, the statutes and the statutes of the board of directors can be downloaded free of charge below. IN Abschnitt 4 des Wandelkreditvertrags festgelegt, dass der Kreditnehmer nach eigenem Ermessen mit auf courens Zinsen auf le 23. Dezember 2020 gegebenenfalls ab 23. Dezember 2020 (“Conversion Date Borrower”). In your first round of action, your company formally issues new shares by capital increase and sells them to outside investors.