Is caresans funding just last-instance funding? What is the cost of the obligation not to be taken into account in the last budget adopted from 27 March 2020? Period covered Costs incurred during the period beginning on March 1, 2020 and ending on December 30, 2020 What are the eligible public health expenditures? Understand federal, state and local requirements The following guidelines describe the Department of Finance`s interpretation of restrictions on the authorized use of funds. Should I use CARES Act or FEMA PA for eligible expenses? If you have any questions, please contact Steve Stevens at Code of Federal Regulations – 2 CFR 200 Uniforms Guidance Key Takeaways What are expenses made “due to” the public emergency? What is covid-19 compliance relief? For more information, visit the FDEM website: Required Documentation Perform complete, accurate and appropriate documentation to prove refunds….