With a transaction agreement, you may be able to negotiate capital services such as a company car or mobile phone, which you would expect to return to your employer under normal circumstances. This means that the draft agreement is “off the mark” and cannot be presented to a court as evidence of a confession against one of the parties. The legal concept “without prejudice” is based on the principle that it is useful for the parties to speak freely when trying to reach an agreement. If they know that everything they say in these discussions cannot be used as evidence against them, then it allows the parties to be more open. As a general rule, your employer will be the one who will offer you a transaction contract. That doesn`t mean you can`t ask yourself. For example, if you feel like you are managed by the executive from your job, you should consider applying for a transaction contract. But if the employee does not understand the case about him, or if the investigation is incomplete – and he can convince the employer of his innocence, he may instead decide to refuse the offer and continue the process – or if he thinks he has a stronger hand to negotiate a higher financial package. If you are applying for a settlement contract instead of just going for another job, your employer is likely to know there are problems.

Therefore, in most cases, they may be grateful for your offer of a transaction contract and therefore most will come back to you with a comparison offer. If you think you can still resign, it is important that you can get legal advice before proposing a transaction contract to your employer. The employee`s counsel should advise the employee if the agreement is intended to prevent disclosure of the public interest and seek to amend the agreement. Transaction agreements are non-binding unless the worker receives independent legal advice on the terms and effects of the agreement. In some cases, your employer will want to consider your request for a transaction contract. However, if you also give your opinion or if you are concerned about being fired regardless of this, it is important to know that you only have 90 days from your last day of work to file an unjustified dismissal application against your employer. While employers usually take the first steps to offer a transaction contract, it is possible to ask your employer for a transaction contract. In this article, our labour law team explains what a transaction contract is and what you should keep in mind if you apply. Once you have reached an agreement with your employer, they will usually write it down. An employment law professional who specializes in transaction agreements can advise you on the following issues: The employee is a marketing manager who excludes a single role in the company.