Before signing the sublease agreement, your student must ask the subtenant for proof of how the rent is paid (last work pay, screenshots of account balances or grant statements). If you apply for a deposit from the subtenant, this rent must not exceed 1.5 months. Run your student to store the money securely in a trust account. Your student should not hand over the keys without a properly completed agreement and full deposit and rent for the first month in hand. Subleasing is an agreement that your student can make with another person to pay the rent and live in their room while they are away. Have your student write everything down. You can use the rental agreement and inventory list provided on the Off-Campus Housing website to make the process more fluid. This will determine when the subtenants live in the space, who is responsible for any damage during the extract and much more. The subtenant should receive a copy of the original lease, as he is also responsible for the maintenance.

It is important to find the right tenant. Your student should consider the thoughts of their roommates when they have them. You can also ask your landlord if they have resources to find tenants. Your students can list their apartment for free on the off-campus accommodation site. Ask your student to check their rental agreement and confirm with the landlord that they are allowed to sublet. Most landlords have subletting policies that tenants must follow and may require new tenants to follow the same authorization process as regular tenants. In most cases, your student remains the principal tenant and bears all rental and incidental costs. To continue to change student life in students` lives, you should make a gift. Does your student have an apartment off campus? They`re leaving Ann Arbor for the summer? Subleasing can be an option to help your students recover some of their cost of living. It`s important to sublet. Let your students look for accommodation on the university`s off-campus housing site, based on price, number of rooms and more.

Whatever resources your student uses to sublet their space, they should follow the owner`s subletting policies and feel comfortable subletting them.