An Interline agreement allows a passenger to easily access a destination with different airlines, change planes and have checked baggage on the last baggage allowance during landing. In this way, airlines can issue a single ticket on different airlines. It is also how airlines can issue you a ticket in case of delay or cancellation with another airline: the one with which they have an Interline agreement. Based on these areas, the most important airline will be: if your trip includes several tickets and/or trips with more than one airline, your baggage fees and rules can be set by the other airline. Please check your ticket or call Alaska Airlines Reservations at 1-800-252-7522 to determine flight rules and travel fees. Here are the latest baggage rules if you are booked on separate tickets and, as always, I welcome readers` comments on their own experience when checking in luggage on one of these airlines when travelling with separate tickets. I logged on to the Malaysian and they told me that the airport staff could check the luggage, but that they didn`t have to. So, no useful answer from the airline My question is whether the people in this forum have made it happen to the airlines to respect (or not honor) the interline agreements on separate tickets. Not to be snarky, but I would like people to read the question before adding an unsypable answer.

Alaska Airlines had also previously announced that it would not check baggage for separate tickets, but fortunately after customer complaints were cancelled, it now allows baggage to be checked on separate tickets. Better yet, unlike United Airlines, your luggage is based on the main airline. For example, for customers travelling in the first class of British Airways and having a separate Alaskan ticket to gateway International, they do not have to pay a baggage fee for Alaska Airlines for their location flight. Bring a printed copy of your entire flight ticket, including the PNR and ticket number, so that the check-in agent can mark your bag correctly at its final destination. Imagine checking in for your flight, checking your luggage and arriving at your destination to know that your luggage is running on a baggage ride at your connecting airport. Well, it happens more often than you might think, and it happens when you change airlines in a connecting city. As you can see above, there are two categories of expert flyers for United`s interconnection agreement: the e-tickets they can issue and the paper/baggage tickets they can check. You may have noticed that sites like Orbitz, Expedia, etc. You can sell tickets that will take you to two different airlines. If that first airline is United, then they must have an Interline agreement with the second airline to complete the process. You have interconnection agreements with most older people who seem and so can check your bag up to them.

Of course, it is possible to avoid restrictive baggage policies and baggage check-in problems when they are on separate tickets, not to check luggage, which we have been doing in my family since my son was no longer young and we had little to bring.