Are the heads of Terms or a memorandum of understanding therefore a treaty and legally binding? It depends on how they did it: the courts may find that the parties have entered into a binding contract, even if certain conditions remain to be agreed. However, in the absence of provisions, they must be subserone by the court – the court must be able to fill in the gaps. In some cases, the court may be able to infer a standard of adequacy, either on the basis of the common law or the law. And I think that in the course of the discussion we had, we reached a provisional agreement in principle on the conditions for a cessation of hostilities that could begin in the coming days. Remember that even if it is established that there is no contract, the party who performed the work may be entitled to a refund for the work performed. A claim would be established according to the principle of quantum meruit – in plain language; to pay a reasonable and reasonable amount for the work or work performed….