This is defined using values. If you don`t want to block your payment methods on something in particular, we recommend you leave them empty. This way, the payment window displays all the information available based on the acquirer you activated in the QuickPay manager. Well, the next step is to make sure your user/agreement/api key has the right privileges. This may be a more general support problem – please, contact Since QuickPay is a payment service provider (PSP) – not an acquirer like Nets, Plates or PayPal – you should also provide them with details about the purchasers with whom you have an agreement: You should check in that users of the system > API users > user permissions > create or update payment links have enabled the box. Also check QUICKPAY_API_KEY and QUICKPAY_AGREEMENT_ID is filled with the user api Api key and the agreement ID instead of the payment window. As more and more payments are needed to use 3-D Secure, it`s important to know if your deal requires 3-D Secure before setting up Shopify. (I followed the instructions: QuickPay Api-response ([status_code:protected] `> 401 [sent_headers:protected] `> GET /payments?order_id-VM-44 HTTP/1.1 Host: Accepting: v10 application/json: Basic Authorization OjYxYj EzMyMWY0MWNi MjY3Nm JMWVLLNWFitDdjOTYmmTI0ZTNzNmJYzhlZWZiNmmj1ZWY2NhYji – [received_headers:protected] > HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized content type: application/json Date: Sa, 25 Jul. 2015 20:55:38 GMT Server: nginx Content-Length: 93 Connection: keep-alive [response_data:protected] `>`:”Not allowed: get /payments “errors”:null, “error_code”:null) Please see the API documents in—format- At live app – open all Quickpay payment methods in the admin and click Save, so that use_authorize form field is stored in the database in a new format.

It is possible to use Viabill via QuickPay`s payment window. After this commit, use_authorize configuration option must be strictly Boolean. Update your games payment_method as with this commit.