Google is comfortably the world’s most popular site. It is ranked number one across North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and in parts of Africa and Asia.

Facebook and You Tube are the next most popular sites.

Facebook is not allowed in China and so, with such a large population, Baidu is placed fourth most popular website in the world.

China is said to have the world’s largest internet user population – estimated at 731 million  at December 2016.

Wikipedia and Yahoo are next up with the Indian version of Google sitting  is in seventh place.

As you consider the rankings so far, it’s clear to see that a huge level of internet usage  is influenced  by the thirst for a searches for information.

Reditt, the American social news aggregator, sits in eighth place. Research suggests that over half of its users are from the US,  UK, Canada, Australia and Germany.

The Chinese instant messaging site QQ sits  in ninth place with Taobao in 10th. While most visitors are in China (over 89%), the sites also attract users from Japan, South Korea, the US and Hong Kong.

Among the top 100 websites, people spend the most time (over14 minutes) on Reddit. The  least amount of time is on Wikipedia, at just over four minutes.