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How to improve your health in 5 easy steps.

Every person on the planet will have unique health and wellbeing challenges, all as different as our DNA and the feathers in this beautiful picture.  We are conditioned to expect more and more ailments as we age, however, this need not be the case if we are pro-active and listen to what our body needs.

What our bodies NEED is different to what we may WANT.  We may want the ice-cream, chocolate bar, sweet desserts, alcohol, cigarettes etc. but our body certainly doesn’t need any of this.

Marketing companies and huge brands have become increasingly clever in finding ways to make us believe that we need food and drink that are not good for us, and furthermore, which can actually be harmful to our health, causing serious illness and disease.

Thankfully, some venues such as hospitals are now changing sweets in vending machines to more healthy snacks.  However,  we have much work to undertake, to instill the importance of healthy eating into everyday life.

Did You Know?

The risk factors for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes II and even cancer are the same?

To minimise risk of ill health take a look at what you eat and drink on a daily basis. Here are some simple strategies to follow:-

  1. Be honest with yourself and keep a food and drink diary for 2-3 weeks
  2. Review the diary for any trends.  For example times that you eat and what you eat after certain activities can give an indication of how to improve your health easily
  3. Review the amount you eat and drink
  4. Try and aim for around 2 litres of quality water daily. If this seems high, then gradually increase until you are at a comfortable level
  5. Change your plate from dinner size to tea size. Your plate will still look full but the amount on it will be smaller and healthier

When I used to run a health screening company, it was always pleasing to see results in just 12 weeks when clients came back for their cardiovascular re-assessment.  Clients who followed the above guidance, and some took a daily natural supplement if they needed to, significantly fast tracked their health position.